Important Questions to Ask on How to Choose a Realtor

Charleston SC Real EstateWhen you are interested in selling your home, you want to be working with the best qualified realtor of this could turn out to be one of those processes that last months and possibly years. The best realtors are the best for a reason, they move houses fast and they grow their clients via referrals. These are the realtors you want in your corner, so how do you narrow the search?

Here is a list of questions from Premier One Real Estate – a leader in Real Estate Charleston SC you should ask when trying to figure out how to choose a realtor.

How long have you been involved in real estate?
The reason this question is so important is that you want someone who has been in the game long enough that they know everything about the process and how to drive customers to your listing in the fastest possible manner.

Do you offer a real estate rebate?
The rebate is a small percentage of the realtors pay that you get in the form of a check when you close. This is not something all realtors will offer, so you have to be sure that you ask before you sign a contract to work with any real estate agent.

How many houses did you sell last year?
The last thing you want to hear is a few, none, or this will be my first. Although all realtors have to start somewhere, when time is of the essence, you need a realtor who moves houses each month.

What is the turnaround time of a listing to closing for you?
This can be a loaded question because things do happen outside of the control of your real estate agent. That being said, if one says 6 month and another 3 months, you can get a feel for who is a hustler and who is just working for a check.

How soon will you do an open house?
A motivated real estate agent is going to want to get the house in front of as many potential buyers as quickly as possible. The right answer here should be only a few weeks after the house is listed in the MLS.

How should we price the house?
The best realtor is going to perform a fair market analysis of your region and discuss with you how much similar houses sold for, and then how to position your price in a way that gets the most action in the least possible time.

Asking these questions will get you answers you need to make the most informed decision.